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Readme for HackV1, download at http://hack.yhoko.com

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HackV1 was inspired by the horror-shooter System Shock 2 from Looking Glass, 1999.

As the name says is't the first edition of this game, it's merely an idea I raised from scratch. The game supports sound effects and MIDI music (activate from the menu). Two players can share the same computer or play over the network, also there's a single-player option and a CPU-only demo mode. Oh and at last this readme-file was added ;-)

The game is quite simple and there's lots of space for improvement, but as a first edition it's quite enjoyable. I recommend you to check for update from time to time as development never stops.

However, have fun and thanks for your support!


Problems and Errors

MSVBVM60.dll not found

HackV1 needs the "VB6 runtime dll" that comes with WinXP SP2 or higher. If you don't have the file just download it into your c:\windows\system32\ directory.

Run-time error 429

HackV1 needs several ActiveX controls that might not be installed on your computer. The files are missing if a "Runtime error 429" occurs on startup.

Automation Error -2147024770

One or more system files are not correctly registered. In this case it's most probably the Winsock control.

If this doesn't work you might be missing the system files - check out the OCX setup above.

Game overview

The playfield is a grid of nodes that are connected to each other. First all nodes are deactivated.

Both player to their turns until no more actions are possible.

While playing a score is calculated by counting the number of nodes and adding the number of connections they made.

As soon as one player can perform no more actions the higher score wins.

Game rules

Collect nodes

You can collect empty nodes by clicking on them. Each node takes the color of it's owner.

More nodes means more strategy options and thus a better chance to win.

Activate nodes

Click one of your own nodes to activate it and connect it to the nodes around it.

If you miss to activate the nodes, the enemy can take them over with no problem. On the other hand you can't activate all the nodes because you also need to expand.

Double connections

Two nodes that are connected to each other.

Double connections have no special meaning. But since each connection is counted you get a better score like this.


In addition to the local 2-player mode HackV1 can be played over network (port 2501).

Netplay is a nice add-on but nothing more. Sure I try to avoid problems but most users don't report them so it's hard to find them. However, if it works it's quite funny - I tried :o)

Open network game

First one of the players need to open a new game from the menu "Network > Host Game". A running game won't be cancelled so you can continue the game via network.

The other player then needs your external IP address (for LAN games the IP address is shown in the bottom status bar).

Join a game

To join you need the IP address of the server. Enter it in the menu "Network > Connec to Server".

After connecting the playfield is transmitted and the player names change to "Server" and "Client".


For the smalltalk during play there's a small chat window. Not too fancy but it's easier than opening ICQ each time.

The small button in the bottom-right corner of the chat window has no function yet.


In case of a problem the bottom status line will show "Disconnected". Possible rasons are:


HackV1 is copyrighted © 2005 by Yhoko.com. Sharing the download-link is highly allowed! Contact yhoko@yhoko.com.